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Presley Alerts Churches of Sales Tax...

Presley Alerts Churches of Sales Tax Exemption on Utility Bills

By: Sarah Ulmer - May 1, 2018

Public Service Commissioner Brandon Presley is asking Mississippi churches and places of worship to check their utility bills to see if they are paying sales tax. If they are, he wants to assist in getting those charges taken off.  Mississippi churches are exempt from paying state sales tax on the purchase of electricity, natural gas, water, among other utilities, though some churches may be unaware.

Presley encourages each church that is paying sales tax on their utility bills to contact his office for more information on how to have the charges removed.

“I’m working to help Mississippi churches and places of worship save as much money as possible. Churches have been exempted from sales tax on their utility bills, but certain action has to be taken by the church to receive this benefit,” Presley said. “I want to make sure that each church in Mississippi knows about this discount and how to get it. If each church will contact our office, we will walk them through the steps, if needed.”

To take advantage of the exemption, the church must provide a copy of their IRS determination letter certifying that they are exempt from federal income taxation under IRC Section 501(c)3to each of their utility companies. The affidavit will expire on December 31, of the current year and a new affidavit must be completed each year. The affidavit form is available online at

Public Service Commissioner Brandon Presley Press Release


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