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The McDaniel Hostage Crisis – Day...

The McDaniel Hostage Crisis – Day 1374 Ballotless, Judas Iscariot, Burned at the stake – till death do us part #mssen

By: Magnolia Tribune - March 29, 2018

by YP Staff

We interrupt our coverage to bring you this special report.

CUE THE MUSIC!  CUE THE MUSIC! (reading the post with this music in the background enhances the experience).

Yesterday, Chris McDaniel became ballotless after filing a letter with the Mississippi Republican Party to have his name removed from the June primary ballot for US Senator. This came hours after the Roger Wicker campaign released a blistering series of ads featuring former supporters/campaign volunteers (who’ve since flipped) and Trump county leaders.  McDaniel is now technically not on any ballot (though he obviously still has his federal campaign account) as the Cochran seat is not technically open yet and hence there’s no qualifying available.

What then happened after the day’s events can only be described as “straight #McGOP”.

Unofficial spokesblogger and McDaniel ally-for-life Ryan Walters over at Mississippi/Texas Conservative Monthly went ham on Twitter to defend McDaniel’s honor after the Wicker ads.


Notice the “we”.  Then he made the offer to The Mississippi Democratic Party and the David Baria campaign for the “dirt” they have on Wicker.

Well, that didn’t go very well for the Irish lad.

As the story goes, as recounted by Walters in an early morning open letter to libertates everywhere, McDaniel then called Walters last night after the tweet storm and told him to fetch and roll over.  Actually, he just told him to please stop.

Walters, still desperate to get his licks in, then goes into launch mode saying that he didn’t in fact want to help Democrats defeat Wicker (though that’s what he said).

He attacked the honor of one of the former volunteers that appeared on the Wicker commercials as “Judas Iscariot”.  He said that he’d rather be “burned at the stake” then voting for Wicker.

That should come as no surprise.  The good folks at McD advocated their adoring masses to vote for Travis Childers in 2014.

Walters finally pledged his undying devotion to McDaniel by saying, ” And I’m going to defend him to my last dying breath!! And I mean that very literally!”

Folks, look.  It’s still March.  This election isn’t till November.  This isn’t even the appetizer.  We are not even getting warmed up yet.  This one is going to make 2014 look downright serene.

What McDaniel doesn’t realize is that the political advisors closest to him are weighing him down like an anvil. That’s his most immediate issue to fix.

That’s the way it was – Day 1374 of the McDaniel Hostage Crisis.

Good day Mississippi – and good luck.

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