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YP Daily Roundup 2/20/18

YP Daily Roundup 2/20/18

By: Magnolia Tribune - February 20, 2018

WDAM – Lieutenant governor unveils plan to pay for infrastructure

Mississippi’s lieutenant governor wants to borrow and divert existing revenue to provide more money for roads and bridges over the next six years.

Lt. Gov. Tate Reeves on Monday unveiled Senate Bill 3046, which he says will increase infrastructure spending more than $1 billion through 2023.

The Senate Finance Committee is scheduled to take up the plan Monday.



WLOX – Rare disease bill heads to the Mississippi House

Action is being taken to bring awareness to rare diseases in Mississippi. A bill is making its way to the House this week that could help in the effort…

…That’s why she’s happy that Senate Bill 2463, or the Rare Disease Advisory Council Bill, is making its way through the capitol.

WJTV – Four candidates face off in District 60 special election Tuesday

Jim Giles, Morris Mock, Bob Morrow, and Fred Shanks hope to fill the empty District 60 seat. The special election is set for February 20th.

The winner will fill the position left vacant when Rep. John Moore retired in December.

ENTERPRISE JOURNAL – Judicial candidates court voters

A circuit court judge and a prosecutor opposing him for re-election in November introduced themselves and briefly laid out their campaign platforms last week during a local Republican party meeting.

Mike Taylor of Brookhaven has been on the bench in the 14th Circuit Court District in Pike, Lincoln and Walthall Counties since former Gov. Haley Barbour appointed him to take the place of Keith Starrett, who received a federal judicial appointment.

He faces David Lee Brewer, who has been prosecutor in McComb and Pike County for more than a decade.


Aldermen in Pontotoc voted 4-1 Monday to fly the state flag again at City Hall.

The flag came down after an executive order by Mayor Bob Peeples, who said he made the decision because the banner is divisive.

HATTIESBURG AMERICAN – States move to protect voting systems from Russia with little help from Congress

In Mississippi, Secretary of State Delbert Hosemann said his agency just finished encrypting its system, including its voter database, and recently paid $27,750 for a company to try to hack its election system. The hackers could not penetrate the system.

“That doesn’t mean it’s not hackable,” Hosemann said. “I guess everything is in some form or fashion. We continue to be vigilant about that. We have all kinds of firewalls.”

WLBT – FCC commissioner speaks at technology roundtable with Sen. Roger Wicker – Jackson, MS

WLBT – Sen. Roger says restricting sale of semi-automatic “assault rifles” won’t stop mass killings

US Senator Roger Wicker from Mississippi doubts making semi-automatic weapons like the AR-15, harder to get, will stop mass shootings. That was the assault-type weapon used in last week’s high school shooting.

“And it just, to me, hasn’t been shown that infringing on the 2nd amendment rights of people who own semi-automatic weapons is gonna help at all,” said Senator Wicker. “So I think we oughta do something will help and to me, looking at the profile of these disturbed people who are more likely to do this sort of things is much more likely to prevent these sort of tragedies.”


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