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Rep. Joel Bomgar on DACA having huge...

Rep. Joel Bomgar on DACA having huge economic benefit #msleg

By: Magnolia Tribune - October 5, 2017

Rep. Bomgar, Businessmen: DACA Has ‘Huge Economic Benefit’

When asked why his stance on immigration is so different than the majority of Republicans in the state, Bomgar said Republican ideology on something like free trade should logically apply to immigration as well.

“What is different between the free flow of labor versus the free flow of goods?” Bomgar said. “They have the exact same economic benefits. I think some of it is just there’s an innate sense in all humans that when things change, it’s uncomfortable.”

Bomgar, along with the other panelists clarified that they do not advocate for an open border, but instead a less restrictive system for immigrants to come into the U.S. to work and live.

“I think from an ideological perspective, there’s no reason that being a conservative Republican is not completely consistent with having a more open—nobody up here is arguing for open border—but having a less restrictive system where those who want to come here and work, can come here and work, and there’s just no good argument to not have that from an economics perspective,” Bomgar said.


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