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NAACP president criticizes @POTUS Trump...

NAACP president criticizes @POTUS Trump over #Charlottesville response

By: Magnolia Tribune - August 21, 2017

New NAACP head talks Charlottesville, Confederate symbols, and the state flag

The National Interim President for the NAACP Derrick Johnson talked to us about the confederate monument debate, the state flag, and the president.

The president said there was blame to go on both sides of this dispute. Do you think that is fair?

“Well I think it is unfair for him to create the atmosphere he has created and then try to excuse away the actions of individuals who are domestic terrorists,” said Derrick Johnson. “I will repeat that over and over you come to a rally, you denounce a race of people, the Jewish community, or you denounce African Americans and you seek to insight violence you lose your first amendment rights and we need to equate this individuals as such.”


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