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Is Mississippi front-runner for another...

Is Mississippi front-runner for another mega Toyota/Mazda auto manufacturing plant?

By: Magnolia Tribune - August 7, 2017

Bloomberg is reporting that Mississippi may in fact be the frontrunner for a massive new automobile plant. Given the success of the Blue Springs Toyota plant, the Bloomberg report seems to handicap Mississippi in pretty good standing.

From the article

Phil Bryant, who’s been in the office since 2012, on Friday indicated he’s prepared to do what it takes to land another plant.

“As Toyota embarks on its joint venture with Mazda, we stand ready to grow our existing partnership and strengthen Mississippi’s standing as a global leader in automotive manufacturing,” Bryant said in an emailed statement.

Mississippi isn’t a sure thing. Vazin, the Toyota spokesman, described the state of the project as “very early days.” Jeremy Barnes, a U.S.-based spokesman for Mazda, said the companies’ intent will be to make the plant as efficient as possible.

How big is that vote at the Nissan plant in Canton now, folks?

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