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Citizen tells Ocean Springs mayor...

Citizen tells Ocean Springs mayor #msflag represents views of straight, white, conservative people

By: Magnolia Tribune - August 2, 2017

Shea Dobson decided to fly the state flag over City Hall. Will he ever take it down?

Myatt said the Mississippi flag represents the views of straight, white, conservative people, and its original intent was to support white supremacy.

He said he feels the city is sending a message of hate, “when in reality, we love all our citizens and visitors.”

Mayor Shea Dobson raised the state flag over City Hall the week he took office in July.

It caused a ruckus on the mayor’s Facebook page to the point he took down a post on the issue.

On Tuesday night, Dobson said his decision to raise the flag was a vote for democracy because that’s the flag the state voted on.


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