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GEOFFPENDER – Who’s (maybe)...

GEOFFPENDER – Who’s (maybe) running in 2019 in Mississippi and why #mselex

By: Magnolia Tribune - June 12, 2017

Who’s (maybe) running in 2019 in Mississippi and why

Yet, there are some names being tossed around, and I hate to stand in the way of a perfectly good rumor. Here are a few:

– Secretary of State Delbert Hosemann. This is doubtful. Hosemann appears to be focused on running for lieutenant governor. But some say that if one or more Republicans jump into the lieutenant governor’s race and Hosemann has a big fight on his hands, he might just say what the heck and run for governor instead.
– State Supreme Court Chief Justice William Waller Jr. Waller, whose father served as a Democratic governor from ’72-’76, was also bandied as a candidate in 2011. Question is, if he were to run would he run as a Republican or Democrat? He’s a conservative as judge, but runs nonpartisan. Justice Michael Randolph’s name also gets mentioned as a possible candidate.
– Treasurer Lynn Fitch. Fitch early on was floating a run for attorney general but since has been vying for an appointment from the Trump Administration. Recently, there’s been some chatter about a run for governor.
– Mississippi Development Authority Director Glenn McCullough. I hear folks have approached the former businessman and mayor of Tupelo, but that he hasn’t appeared interested.
– Hunter Fordice. President of Fordice Construction and son of the late former Gov. Kirk Fordice.
– Bill Lampton. President of Ergon, a petroleum/chemical/asphalt conglomerate and supporter of more infrastructure funding in Mississippi.
– First lady Deborah Bryant. I’ve heard this from exactly one political operative, about her potentially running for the post her husband is leaving. It sounds highly unlikely, but like I said, I hate to stand in the way of a perfectly good rumor.

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