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Kingfish eviscerates SPLC legal...

Kingfish eviscerates SPLC legal argument by the numbers

By: Magnolia Tribune - May 31, 2017

A Tale of Two School Districts

Jackson spends nearly $2,000 more per student than does Desoto. Desoto has 6,111 more students than Jackson. The two districts were virtually dead even in 2009 with a difference of only 212 students as Desoto had 30,411 and Jackson had 30,199 students. The spending per student is found on page 62 in the Desoto and p.72 in the Jackson audits.JJ made a similar comparison in 2009. Earlier post.

Jackson actually spends more than $1,000 per student on instructional spending but $200 more per student on actual school administration spending. Jackson is thus putting more money in the classroom and wasting more money on actually running schools. Administration costs include support staff.

Number of Students*
Desoto: 33,247
Jackson: 27,136

Desoto is 36% black, 52% white, and 5% Hispanic.
Jackson is 96% black.

Cost per student
Desoto: $8,407
Jackson: $10,515

Instructional Spending per student
Desoto: $5.051
Jackson: $6,138

General Admin spending per student
Desoto: $343
Jackson: $389

School Admin spending per student
Desoto: $394
Jackson: $584

Jackson Jambalaya

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