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MDOT wants Gov. Bryant to set special...

MDOT wants Gov. Bryant to set special #msleg session soon

By: Magnolia Tribune - April 17, 2017

MDOT requesting funding sooner rather than later

Bryant is expected to call a special session before the new fiscal year begins July 1 for the Legislature to fund the agencies. The legislative leadership has indicated that the passage of those bills will not be difficult, though they died during the regular session in the midst of disputes between the House and Senate leadership.

But in a letter to Bryant, McGrath said the governor should not wait too long to call the special session.

She explained that MDOT’s 2,1000 active contracts, valued at $3 billion, have “a funds available clause,” meaning that if MDOT does not have funds, the agency is not bound by the contracts. But the contracts also require MDOT to provide 45 days notice of the funds possibly not being available, meaning the agency will have to notify contractors by May 15 if it has no budget.

McGrath wrote that she “respectfully” requested an MDOT appropriation bill to be approved “within a timeframe that will prevent the department from issuing notices on or before May 15. To do otherwise would create significant and avoidable expenses to Mississippians.”

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