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We will tell you how you can drink your...

We will tell you how you can drink your water #msleg #billoftheday

By: Magnolia Tribune - February 24, 2017

Usually at this point in the session, we are down to bills that really have a conceivable chance of passing. They’ve gotten through their own house and at least been assigned to committee in the other chamber.

That’s why it’s with some surprise that we present our bill of the day – HB 348 which seeks to regulate the framework that students may drink water on buses. Yep. That’s where we’re at.

From the bill

Any student who is transported on a school bus from his or her place of residence to the school of enrollment and attendance, or from the school of enrollment and attendance to his or her home shall be allowed to drink bottled water on the school bus of transport. The water must be in its original labeled and clear, plastic bottle with an unbroken seal at the time of boarding the school bus. Notwithstanding, the exception for the allowance of water, as prescribed in this subsection, students are prohibited from eating or drinking any other items or beverages while in transport to and from school on the school bus.

The bill further goes into the various “safety” implications of water drinking (apparently so said water bottles don’t either result in some sort of lawsuit and/or get weaponized).

It’s just kind of hard to imagine that a legislative framework needs to be in place for water drinking. I think that might give us some idea why schools are in the state they’re in.

Nevertheless, it’s our #msleg . . . . #billoftheday.

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