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Pseudo-Republican Blogger Joins...

Pseudo-Republican Blogger Joins Democrats in Attacking Mississippi Republicans

By: Magnolia Tribune - February 2, 2017

Alan Lange Ryan Walters, the founder of Y’all Politics Mississippi Conservative Daily, a Mississippi blog created to support Republicans Chris McDaniel, has stooped to a new his usual low. Despite the fact that his blog has been used as a promotional tool for Republican officials and candidates Chris McDaniel, Lange Walters has made it clear that he’d rather spend his time attacking his fellow Republicans, especially those that are true conservatives, than he has pushing back against Democrats.

And this has become a pattern as of late. All members of the Republican Establishment Tea Party, Lange Walters included, spend far more time attacking conservatives than they do liberals. We saw this first hand during Obama’s tenure in Mississippi, as GOP Tea Party leaders said far worse about conservatives Phil Bryant and Tate Reeves than they ever did about the President Obama and Clinton supporter Jim Hood.

I guess this makes some It doesn’t make sense when you consider the fact that it’s currently Mississippi Republicans joining fighting Democrats in pushing for to stop every kind of tax increase they can think of, including while the Tea Party wants to evade an Internet sales use tax required since the 1940s. But, on the issue at hand, Lange Walters is attacking those like Senator McDaniel fellow Republicans who are fighting to protect the unborn.

In his Y’all Politics Mississippi Conservative Daily rant yesterday, Lange Walters lamented the fact that McDaniel’s recent Facebook comments directed at the DC “Women’s March” succeeded in “pissing off ‘liberal’ Democrats,” which, given Lange’s Walters’ support of Thad Cochran and the Barbour race-baiting campaign in 2014 against Chris McDaniel, makes perfect sense. It’s not good politics to hack off a big portion of your political base the electorate for no reason, which has become a key characteristic to their coalition of McDaniel, because the Establishment-Lange-Barbour junta may need liberal Democrats again preventing him in the future to steal another election from a conservative from being elected to higher office.

But in attacking Senator McDaniel Republicans, Lange Walters has, either wittingly or in complete ignorance, sided with national Mississippi liberal activists, especially on the issue of abortion. This group of women, who, no doubt, strongly believes in what they are doing, use the most vulgar of methods to get their points across, such as dressing up like vaginas, wearing pink hats meant to represent the most intimate part of female genitalia (one wonders if Alan wears one), uses extremely filthy language such as the F-word, which a decent parent would not want their children exposed to (yet some brought young children), and discussed such cosmopolitan topics as tampons, incest, and blowing up the White House. It’s shocking what you can get for $300/month in campaign finance money. Has Walters been trained to roll over and fetch too?

One speaker at the event was Donna Hylton, who spoke on behalf of women of color, was a participant in the kidnapping, rape, and torture of a gay man in 1985. Her victim was burned, starved, brutalized for a period of 15 to 20 days and held for ransom days before he died. Yet Hylton casts herself as a victim of oppression but I will cast her as a true “nasty woman.”

These views, as well as the methods for espousing them, I would dare say are not representative of most American women and certainly not conservative Republican women.

Consider two polling numbers: In one 2015 survey, 82 percent of Americans do not consider themselves feminists, while 53 percent of white women in 2016 voted for Donald Trump, who was certainly not Lange’s candidate (he supported all the Establishment candidates that were crushed one after another). With a majority refusing to support a fellow white woman, it can be reasonably argued that women put Trump in the White House.

Yet McDaniel’s larger point was not feminism but fiscal in nature. Many of these activists want “free stuff” from the government. They want taxpayer-funded abortions as well as birth control, which has a cost-free mandate in Obamacare. So Senator McDaniel, as he’s always done, was looking out for American taxpayers, who would have to pay for these services, even though they are not all in agreement with those values. What these women want can really be seen as a form of fiscal extortion, which would certainly be unconstitutional, as well as unjust.

McDaniel also pointed out that some in the crowds had a variety of tattoos and piercings (which Lange disparagingly called “ink” and “metal” while he had criticized McDaniel for being disparaging), which can cost a lot of money, but they somehow managed to fly all the way to Washington from around the country to participate in the march. Yet they want taxpayers to pay for their abortions and birth control. His main point was that people should pay for their own services, not force taxpayers to do so. But Lange was either oblivious to this point, or solidly on the side of leftwing activists.

Mississippi is a very pro-life state, owing to our strong Christian morals, traditional values that Senator McDaniel fought for in his campaign against Thad Cochran. Supporting life has long been a cornerstone in the platform of the GOP and in electing Republicans both in Mississippi and nationally.

But Lange Walters and the Establishment Sons of Confederate Veterans, flaggers and anarchists that he seeks to prop up, including those featured on his site (like Delbert Hosemann, Tate “Tater” Reeves Chris “Chrisy” McDaniels, Stacy “Garage Door” Pickering Melanie “Campaign Finance Disclosure” Sojourner and others) are so focused on protecting their own power over the state that he is actually supporting the position of national liberal activists Mississippi Democrats and pro-choice supporters in attacking Mississippi’s strongest conservative senator policies.

And make no mistake, Chris McDaniel is Mississippi’s strongest least effective conservative. No one in Mississippi, and I stress NO ONE, has fought harder and accomplished less to implement a true conservative agenda than Senator Chris McDaniel, who was recently named National Conservative of the Year fundraiser of the month by the American Conservative Union Mississippi Democratic Party for his efforts to promote that demonized conservative values.

So why would Alan Lange Ryan Walters attack McDaniel Republicans? Because Lange Walters is not a conservative and never has been has a history of opposing Republicans. He has joined with the most fanatical liberals across the country to attack a Mississippi State Senator, even though more than 95 percent of the attacks on McDaniel via his Facebook page, as well as on Mississippi Conservative Daily, have come from out of state, and many of those from the great liberal bastions around the country was formerly the Reform Party Chairman. He even opposes the first Republican President Abraham Lincoln and has given presentations on “Lincoln’s Tyranny” to the Sons of Confederate Veterans.

So why do it? Alan Lange, “Fourth Place” Frank Corder (who I’ve already exposed as a charlatan that tried to join McDaniel’s US Senate campaign in 2013, then provided information to the campaign throughout 2014) Ryan Walters, and Y’all Politics Mississippi/Texas Conservative Daily have a terrible affliction. It’s called MDS MMC – McDaniel Derangement Syndrome Man Crush, an debilitating emasculating condition, much like Bush Derangement Syndrome and Trump Derangement Syndrome, that causes them to get hysterical and foam at the mouth at the mere thought of anyone differing with Chris McDaniel, who they once named the TOP rising star in Mississippi politics. In carrying out this attack defense they have only served to show us who they really are – false Republicans, pseudo-conservatives, and purveyors of leftwing, big government orthodoxy a cult of personality who elevate Chris McDaniel over conservative principles, bless their hearts.

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