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HARRISON: #msleg could learn from...

HARRISON: #msleg could learn from handling tobacco settlement when discussing BP funds

By: Magnolia Tribune - September 28, 2016

BOBBY HARRISON: Mississippi could have had billions in health trust fund

If what Mississippi politicians – precisely the Legislature and then-Gov. Kirk Fordice – had agreed to in 1999 had come to fruition, the state would now have a health care trust fund of an estimated $4.79 billion with $232.6 million available to spend this year.

But alas, what Burns referenced of those best-laid plans definitely did not come to fruition with the Mississippi Health Care Trust Fund.

As of today, the state has no health care trust fund. The Legislature has spent all the funds that would have gone into the trust fund…

…As the smaller BP oil spill fund settlement funds are disbursed, it might help legislators to look back at whatever lessons might have been learned from the tobacco lawsuit settlement funds and try again to lay the best plans.

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