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Minority representation on school board...

Minority representation on school board at issue in Chickasaw County school consolidation talks

By: Magnolia Tribune - September 7, 2016

Consolidation group reaches impasse on school board model

An advisory council failed to reach a consensus Tuesday on recommendations on how to consolidate three school districts in Chickasaw County, increasing the likelihood that the legislature will decide for them.

The impasse represented a regression from the commission’s previous meeting. On June 29, members voted on a school board governance structure from Okolona County Board Supervisor Russell Brooks that would provide each of the three districts (Okolona, Houston and Chickasaw districts) with one representative for the new school board, with two more members elected from the county at large. The recommendation also allowed for the parents of students from Monroe County, some of who attend school in the neighboring Okolona District — to vote in the second judicial district.

Citing concerns Brook’s original proposal was not strong enough to ensure adequate minority representation, Okolona School District Superintendent Dexter Green made a motion to rescind the vote.

The commission approved Green’s measure, 6-3, but rejected his proposal aimed at ensuring minorities would occupy at least two of the new school board’s five seats.

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