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Non Profit DAILY JOURNAL advocates for...

Non Profit DAILY JOURNAL advocates for Medicaid expansion in editorial

By: Magnolia Tribune - August 24, 2016

DAILY JOURNAL – OUR OPINION: Medicaid expansion could improve Mississippi’s health

Setting aside politics offers the clearer picture about Medicaid in Mississippi. Adding 300,000 clients to the Medicaid roll would place more than 1 million Mississippians in the program.

Our state’s number is large because our state’s poverty level qualifying people for Medicaid is among the highest in the nation.

Adding as many eligible people as possible also means providers like physicians and hospitals would get some reimbursement of expenses, a burden that would be cripplingly heavier without insurance coverage….

…Asked recently about expansion, Hospital Association Chief Executive Officer Timothy Moore said MHA maintains support for increasing insurance coverage for Mississippians, but recognizes there are legitimate concerns about funding expansion.

The action of Arkansas and Louisiana in expanding Medicaid suggests an affordable way can be found in Mississippi if elected leaders keep in mind that politics never cures anything, but good medical care does.

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