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Haley Barbour predicts a convention dip...

Haley Barbour predicts a convention dip no matter the #GOP2016 nominee

By: Magnolia Tribune - April 25, 2016

Haley Barbour: GOP convention bounce more likely a dip

“I promise you, there will be hurt feelings,” says Haley Barbour, who during a half-century in politics has served as Mississippi governor, Republican National Committee chairman and White House political director. “And I suspect when the convention is over, where you normally want a bump … I don’t think we’ll get a bump. No matter what the outcome — Trump wins, (Ted) Cruz wins, (John) Kasich wins, somebody else wins, two ballots, three ballots, whatever — I think we’ll get a dip.”…

…”Abraham Lincoln did not win on the first ballot,” he said. “Abraham Lincoln finished second on the first ballot and won the nomination on the third ballot. So give me a break. Ronald Reagan got a million more votes in 1976 than Gerald Ford, but when Gerald Ford won the nomination based on the rules, did Ronald Reagan whine? Did he call for riots? No, because he knew what the rules were, and he played by the rules and the rules are, in both parties, you must get a majority of the delegates.”

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