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PERRY: @HillaryClinton won’t...

PERRY: @HillaryClinton won’t #FeelTheBern in Mississippi

By: Magnolia Tribune - February 25, 2016

BRIAN PERRY/Will Clinton feel the Bern?

March 1 is a big day in the Democratic Primary. Clinton can’t lock it up, but she can make it difficult for Sanders to ever gain a delegate lead. But the State Department will release two more dumps of her e-mails between now and then which continues the concern of the Democratic establishment that she will suffer political damage – in the primary, or if the nominee, in the general – or perhaps even legal damage. Clinton’s dishonesty regarding her emails coupled with some Sanders’ upsets on March 1 could prove Cole right and put Mississippi in play.

I’ve seen pockets of Mississippi Democrats dissatisfied with Clinton’s message (whatever her message is beyond she should get to win). They view her as lacking authenticity. She appears stuck in the Clinton Legacy and focused on her accomplishments; both of which are backward looking; not a forward vision for America. But outside the universities and those who tune in to MSNBC, I haven’t seen evidence of a Sanders movement in the Mississippi Democratic base which knows the Clinton name. Unless the Sanders campaign can change that, Hillary Clinton won’t be “feeling the bern” here.

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