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MITCHELL says #Initiative42 is a start

MITCHELL says #Initiative42 is a start

By: Magnolia Tribune - October 28, 2015

Charlie Mitchell: Initiative 42 is an important start

But this must be said: Money is a very small fly in the ointment of education ills. Schools could spend twice what they’re spending today and it would make no difference — zip, zero, nada — as long as an increasing number of students and their families believe obtaining an education is not worthwhile.

It’s a chicken and egg kind of thing. No “good jobs” employer is going to locate where the prospects for employees are poor. Likewise, few seek an education in locales where there is little hope, little belief that “good jobs” are in their future. A subsistence lifestyle follows.

As much as we might hope, Initiative 42 is not a single-shot solution. It is a start, and that’s all it is.


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