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Jackson Co., SRHS settlement being...

Jackson Co., SRHS settlement being considered

By: Magnolia Tribune - October 19, 2015

Jackson County supervisors meet with a SRHS settlement on the table

Under the proposed agreement, the health system will contribute $142 million to the pension fund between 2016 and 2051. The county will give the system $13.6 million to operate over the next several years, and $4 million of that amount would be paid over the next 90 days.

This settlement plan would not require a tax increase.

The plaintiffs attorneys who worked on the settlement plan are asking for up to $6.4 million in fees.

Under the plan, the court would appoint a four-member authority to to oversee the operation of the health system. In order for the agreement to stand, the retirees and current employees lawsuits would have to be certified as a class action case by a federal or state court.


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