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@AGJimHood tells @TheFix being linked...

@AGJimHood tells @TheFix being linked to fellow Democrat Obama is about race

By: Magnolia Tribune - October 18, 2015

Meet the last Democratic statewide constitutional office-holder in the Deep South

The Fix: Well, Republicans have had control of the South a long time before the Supreme Court’s 2010 ruling in Citizen’s United. What else have Republicans been doing that helps them so effectively defeat Democrats?

Hood: Well, like I said, I think that Republicans often have a lot more in the way of resources, they can get their message out when a lot of Democrats really struggle with that. But, when they get really desperate, when they are maybe out of options or just don’t mind playing to the lowest denominator, you can expect them to go somewhere ugly. Like, right now, my opponent has got ads on the air that try to link me to Barack Obama and insert race into the election.

The Fix: Wait. Is that what the damage of being linked to Obama is really about? Is it about race?

Hood: Well, I think if you look at it, look what happened to [Sen.] Mark Pryor [D] in Arkansas and [Sen.] Mary Landrieu [D] in Louisiana. They lost pretty recently [in 2014]. That’s what their opponents did there. That was the undercurrent of the campaign waged against them. It always is. It’s never said explicitly, but that’s what they use when they get desperate. Race. Now, the South’s remaining Democrats in Congress are almost gone. But, like I said, for me I think the single most important factor is I do my job and I have been trained to do it well. And when I do, that work really isn’t partisan stuff.

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