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Ole Miss hosts #Initiative42 debate

Ole Miss hosts #Initiative42 debate

By: Magnolia Tribune - October 12, 2015

The Battle Over Mississippi School Funding Rumbles On

There was quite a showing of eager eyes and interested persons at the “Battle Over School Funding Debate,” held at the Overby center yesterday afternoon. Students, faculty, and interested citizens alike filled in the auditorium to find out what the two sides of the debate concerning Initiative 42 and Alternative 42 would be for the upcoming election…

…“It is unclear as to whether or not the House of Representatives and the Senate would rationally decide this for the public,” Bentley said, “Public schooling should remain a priority in the legislature.”

“We’re dealing with a blow to a representative government,” Rep. Snowden quipped. “The actual language… includes nothing about funding. Understand what you’re being asked to. It’s whatever the court says is adequate, which should be the prudent course of action.

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