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State Auditor report shows how school...

State Auditor report shows how school districts could save over $200 million a year

By: Magnolia Tribune - September 28, 2015

Auditor: Schools could save $200M with shared services

Mississippi school districts could save over $200 million a year by eliminating inefficient contracts and sharing services such as facilities maintenance, textbooks and transportation with other school districts, a report by the state auditor’s office says.

The analysis released last week of how school districts use contracting and shared services was prompted by two legislators who asked the auditor’s office to look into what their school districts spent on contracts and where they might be more efficient, the project leader for the study said.

The request eventually led to this study, “K-12 Public Schools: How to Increase Funding for Classrooms Without Spending a Dime.” Researchers looked at expenditures by school districts that share services with one or more other school districts versus those that don’t and similarly, districts that contracted out services as opposed to using in-house employees.


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