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State Rep. Andy Gipson on passage of SB...

State Rep. Andy Gipson on passage of SB 2394 and SB 2619: Real, meaningful pro 2nd amendment bills

By: Magnolia Tribune - March 27, 2015



?Today the Mississippi House of Representatives passed two significant pieces of legislation further supporting the Second Amendment, and improving our State laws regarding the existing rights of Mississippians to keep and bear arms. I want to thank the Senate for working with us in developing the agreed final Conference Reports for these important bills, Senate Bill 2394 and Senate Bill 2619. I also want to thank our House conferees, Rep. John Moore, Rep. Becky Currie, Rep. Sam Mims and Rep. Joey Hood.

?As approved, Senate Bill 2394 reduces the general fee for obtaining a concealed carry license from $100 to $80, and also reduces the renewal fee to $40. The bill also exempts active duty members of the Armed Forces and service-connected disabled veterans from payment of the license fee. Finally, SB 2394 includes a permitless concealed carry option for carrying a firearm in a purse, bag, handbag, satchel, other similar bag or briefcase or fully enclosed case. Concealed carry licenses will remain an important part of the nationwide reciprocity system, but this permitless carry option will be recognized in Mississippi effective July 1, 2015.

?Senate Bill 2619 provides that members and veterans of the Armed Forces, including members of the National Guard, who have completed military combat training for pistols or other handguns are exempt from taking the enhanced carry endorsement class. The bill also addresses the problem created last month by the federal ATF’s attempt to reclassify “green tip” rifle ammunition as armor piercing ammunition. Under SB 2619 Mississippians owning this ammunition will remain legal to possess it regardless of the ATF’s future actions. Finally, SB 2619 clarifies and strengthens Mississippi’s preemption law providing that cities and counties cannot adopt ordinances in violation of state firearms law.

?As may be seen, the Mississippi House of Representatives and the Legislature are committed to passing real, meaningful pro-Second Amendment legislation. I want to thank all the members who voted for these important bills.

?Rep. Andy Gipson

?Chairman, House Judiciary B Committee


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