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Treasurer Fitch says millions in...

Treasurer Fitch says millions in unclaimed dollars to be claimed

By: Magnolia Tribune - March 26, 2015

Mississippi treasurer has millions of unclaimed dollars awaiting residents

State Treasurer Lynn Fitch has millions of dollars in unclaimed property and is trying to find who it belongs to in Mississippi.

The week of April 12, the Sun Herald will publish the list of people who are owed money. Fitch said the money comes from insurance companies who can’t find beneficiaries, utility companies who want to return deposits, banks that have proceeds from closed accounts and other businesses and government agencies that have money for residents.

“By law, they have to turn it over to the Treasury Department after five years,” she said. Fitch, who became the state treasurer three years ago, said, “Since I’ve been in office I’ve returned over $38 million.”


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