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PERRY: Resulting uproar over...

PERRY: Resulting uproar over IHL’s handling of Jones “immensely entertaining”

By: Magnolia Tribune - March 26, 2015

BRIAN PERRY/Ole Miss is bigger than Dan Jones

Last Friday, the Institutes of Higher Learning Board of Trustees (College Board) voted 9-2 not to renew the contract of Dan Jones, Chancellor of the University of Mississippi. The resulting uproar has been immensely entertaining.

I don’t suggest it is a trivial issue. Chancellor Jones is essentially the chief executive of an institution with more than 20,000 students and a budget of $2 billion. Ole Miss in Oxford, as well as the University of Mississippi Medical Center in Jackson, are vital components of their communities, economic development generators, job creators and provide important and – with UMMC – lifesaving services to Mississippians.

But the emotional outrage of those who opposed the decision seemed to overpower rationality.

The anger was first directed at Gov. Phil Bryant, who does not have authority over the College Board or their decisions, although the Board members are appointed by governors and confirmed by the state Senate.

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