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Looser: College Board PR on Dan Jones a...

Looser: College Board PR on Dan Jones a debacle

By: Magnolia Tribune - March 26, 2015

Rick Looser: Anatomy of a PR disaster for College Board

Research. Planning. Execution. Evaluation. The tried and true, “Four Step PR Process.” Every college student in a communications program has been taught this process for the past 50 years … and it still works today. The PR process used in the recent Dan Jones PR debacle can best be described as, “Fire, Ready, Aim.”…

…In today’s wind-and-grind news cycle, both the media and the public are guilty of paying more attention to the seriousness of the accusations and less about the facts. In this crisis, the state College Board took the nuclear option of firing a popular public figure, but in the hours after the announcement couldn’t give an easy-to-understand answer of why he was fired.

As the public sees it, Jones showed up for work (even as he battled cancer), didn’t steal from or embarrass his employer, and left Ole Miss better than he found it.

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