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Mainstream press willingly complicit to...

Mainstream press willingly complicit to promote narrative of ‘confusion’ on MAEP ballot initiative

By: Magnolia Tribune - March 26, 2015

Legislators’ education alternative challenged

Adrian Shipman of Oxford, a mother of two in the Oxford School District, filed the challenge Tuesday, claiming the language recently approved by the Attorney General’s office is not a true reflection of legislative intent.

Shipman claims the legislative alternative “creates significant risks of confusing the electorate.”

Under the state’s initiative law, a person is allowed to challenge the language of any legislative alternative to a citizen-sponsored initiative. And the judge has 10 days to rule on whether the language must be changed. According to James Keith, a Ridgeland attorney representing Shipman, the judge’s decision cannot be appealed.

“This legislative alternative is meant to confuse voters into killing the real school-funding initiative, Number 42,” Keith said in a news release. “Mrs. Shipman appealed its official wording because she believes voters must be able to tell the difference between the real initiative and the decoy initiative.”

Bobby Harrison
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