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Boyce Adams Campaign Announcement in...

Boyce Adams Campaign Announcement in #MS01

By: Magnolia Tribune - March 6, 2015

Today, Boyce Adams announced his campaign for Congress in Mississippi’s First District at stops at Monroe Tufline Manufacturing in Columbus, Romie’s Grocery in Tupelo and Cowboy Corner Boots & Jeans in Southaven. Adams spoke about his campaign, this election and the key issues facing our country.

“North Mississippi has been blessed to have strong, conservative leadership representing us in Congress,” Adams said. “We are all going to sincerely miss Congressman Alan Nunnelee and the way he served with character and integrity. With the special election for Congress now underway, we need to make sure our conservative, Republican principles are well-represented in the future. Together, we can show Washington that Mississippi still believes in conservative values. That’s why today, I’m announcing my campaign for Congress.”

“As a small business owner, I know firsthand how taxes, regulations and a burdensome federal government hurt job creation and economic growth,” Adams said. “My real world, small business experience gives me the unique perspective to help get our economy back on track. In Congress, I’ll look at everything from a business viewpoint of how government’s actions impact our economy. By fighting to get government out of the way, the private sector can provide more jobs and opportunities for more people.”

“I’ve spoken with Governor Phil Bryant and Mississippi Republican Party Chairman Joe Nosef to make them aware that today, I’m launching my campaign and that I’m fully committed to serving in Congress in a way that will help grow and expand the conservative values of our Party,” Adams said.

In Columbus, Adams was introduced by local business and community leader, Rex Gillis, who stated, “Boyce Adams is a conservative Republican with the right values, and I have a lot of confidence in his abilities and dedication to do what’s right representing Mississippi. He will bring firsthand knowledge to the job about how small business is directly affected by taxes and regulations, and how he can help government get out of the way to make our economy grow.”

Adams discussed the importance of representing our traditional, conservative values saying, “In Congress, I’ll be a strong voice for the right to life of the unborn, a strong supporter of our Second Amendment gun rights, and will fight to stop Common Core, illegal immigration and any amnesty proposals.”

Adams also announced that he has signed the Americans for Tax Reform pledge to oppose any increase in tax rates for individuals or businesses. “Less government and more freedom are the keys to getting America back on track, and that starts with opposing tax increases. That’s why I’ve signed the Americans for Tax Reform pledge today to oppose all tax increases on individuals or businesses.”

“President Obama’s failed leadership is doing enormous damage to America’s standing in the world,” Adams said. “Right now, America is facing the threat of radical Islamic jihadists who use despicable tactics to promote an agenda that is completely against our ideals of liberty and freedom. We must call it what it is—an evil presence—that we must stop.”

“The world is a freer, more prosperous place when American leads, and I will always fight to support our troops with the tools, training and support they deserve,” Adams said. “We should also always remember and support our veterans and the sacrifices that military families make. Many of our troops go long periods of time without seeing their families and loved ones while they are serving away from home. Let’s continuously keep them in our prayers.”

The First District congressional special election will be held on May 12, 2015. For more information about the campaign, visit

Boyce Adams Campaign Release

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