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CORDER op-ed in Mississippi Press: Let...

CORDER op-ed in Mississippi Press: Let Mississippi vote on all school board members

By: Magnolia Tribune - September 5, 2014

End taxation with indirect representation, let Mississippi vote for school board members

Many positive steps have been taken by the Mississippi Legislature over the last three years to provide more parental choice, implement fiscal and developmental benchmarks, and improve overall academic success in K-12 education. Yet, many Mississippians know more reforms are needed, a good measure of which must be implemented at the local level.

School boards are on the political frontline of local education. Without responsive, engaged leadership on these boards few reforms will be addressed and even fewer concerns from the public will be given a fair, responsive hearing.

It is time to end the practice of appointment and give all citizens in Mississippi a direct voice on their local school boards by way of election.


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