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@MSGOP chair Nosef sends letter to...

@MSGOP chair Nosef sends letter to Jones County GOP chair, mentions other group seeking meeting

By: Magnolia Tribune - September 4, 2014

Mississippi Republican Party Chairman Joe Nosef’s letter to Jones County Republican chairman

Chairman Yoder:

Thanks for the excellent job you are doing as chairman in Jones County. I am not the only one who believes that you are one of the only people who could possibly fill that role during the current times. You garner respect from everyone, and for good reason.

I am writing you to ask for your help as our chairman in organizing and planning a time for me to come to Jones County. As you know, I have a special connection to Laurel and Jones County so it is always my pleasure when I get to come back.

Just FYI, I am forwarding you a letter and other information I received from a group called “Republicans of Jones County” requesting a meeting organized by their group to be held soon during the month of September. I always enjoy getting back to Jones county whether it is for personal or political reasons, however, we need to ensure the timing is right for this type of meeting.

I mention timing because I am very sensitive to the fact that two different pieces of litigation are ongoing right now. In fact in one of the lawsuits, the Judge specifically admonished us not to talk in public about the case more than is necessary to simply disseminate facts regarding where things stand. Considering the detailed nature of the questions provided by this group, I do not believe it would be appropriate for me or any GOP official to discuss all of those issues before the challenge legal proceeding is concluded. However, once we are beyond this challenge and these lawsuits I look forward to coming down there and answering any relevant questions your members or others may have.

As far as where we should have the meeting, when it should be held and how to go about inviting non executive committee members who want to be there, I will leave that up to your and your committee’s discretion as long as I do not have a conflict.

In addition, I have spoken to the Governor about this, and he too is very sensitive to the ongoing lawsuit issues. As Governor, obviously his words could have a much more significant impact or at least be perceived to have an impact on the litigation, and he would never want that. So he plans to approach this issue in the same way as I explained above for me – wait until the litigation is concluded and then work with you to find time for him to come down.

We could even try to do this at the same time as the Governor if that could be worked out. Perhaps we could raise a little money for the local party.

Thanks again for all of your help and good work. Many people appreciate it.

I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Joe Nosef, Chairman
Mississippi Republican Party


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