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@GeoffPender – Chris McDaniel...

@GeoffPender – Chris McDaniel mulling it over, again #mssen

By: Magnolia Tribune - August 31, 2014

McDaniel mulling it over, again

McDaniel’s lawyers said he’ll be spending this long holiday weekend contemplating whether to appeal to the state Supreme Court. My guess is, he’ll be spending some time in that spot in his backyard.

Here’s his conundrum: For more than nine weeks, he’s railed that the primary election was stolen, that the election system and much of the state’s GOP leadership is as crooked and spineless as a barrel of snakes and that he would not give up and “never, never, never, never” give in, quoting Winston Churchill. He vowed to #FightChrisFight even if it harelips the baby and ends his political career.

He said the case is not about him or his political career, but about the integrity of the Republican primary and state election system.

Well, this appears to be his watershed, crossroads, Rubicon or, some would say, shark to jump.

Geoff Pender
Clarion Ledger

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