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Chris McDaniel #mssen surrogates begin...

Chris McDaniel #mssen surrogates begin to ask if Judge McGehee was “bought off” or “threatened”

By: Magnolia Tribune - August 29, 2014

Shocker: Judge McGehee Dismisses McDaniel Legal Challenge

Was he bought off? True conservatives and supporters of Chris McDaniel had high hopes when the state supreme court named Judge Hollis McGehee to oversee the court challenge. And judging from his remarks during the case’s first hearing, he seemed to be an honest judge interested in doing what was right. Being a minister and man of God, how could we have expected any less from him? He indicated his intention to decide the case based on the will of the voters and that even if Cochran were elected in November he had the power to unseat him if he were not the legitimate nominee. McGehee also granted the McDaniel team the right to gather their evidence and had sent letters to all 82 counties advising them to preserve the evidence. He even set dates for the trial to begin. The case seemed to be progressing forward.

But all of a sudden today he has reversed himself 180 degrees, dismissing the legal challenge on the basis of a deadline that the Secretary of State’s office is on record as saying did not exist.

The question is who got to McGehee? Was he paid off? Or was he threatened? Having seen the Barbour machine in action in this Senate race, we must entertain the possibility.

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