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The McDaniel Hostage Crisis – Day 56...

The McDaniel Hostage Crisis – Day 56 – Hoarding cash and a horde of grasshoppers

By: Magnolia Tribune - August 19, 2014

We interrupt our coverage to bring you this special report.

Even though the hostage crisis began nine weeks ago, even hostage takers need money.

Sam Hall of the Clarion Ledger and Erick Erickson of RedState (or Reince’s toady as the real McDaniel supporter refers to him) traded blasts yesterday over a sponsored email that RedState sent on behalf of the Madison Project. RedState’s email for Madison Project said, “Conservative Chris McDaniel defeated liberal Senator Thad Cochran by 10,000 votes in the Mississippi GOP Runoff last June.” Madison was early on the McDaniel bandwagon and is one of the myriad of purity for profit outfits taking TEA Party dissention to the bank. Hall updated his piece later in the day in response to Erickson’s piece, but brought up another interesting analysis.

Later in the day Tom Dougherty at Practical Politicking showed some fascinating analysis about how little of the Madison Project (and other purity for profit groups) money winds up in direct support of candidates.


And, bless his heart, Keith Plunkett (who continues to fight the last election since two elections ago) took a swipe for McDaniel and other conservatives against Secretary of State Delbert Hosemann. Plunkett has a stone in his shoe after Hosemann has talked about looking at election reforms in the 2015 legislative session. He stated,

The general public may see this skirmish through the lens of a single election. But it’s a battle for election integrity McDaniel has been fighting with Sec. Hosemann for a long time.

Maybe Plunkett can get the God hook-up with Roy Nicholson and can pray an Old Testament-style horde of really angry grasshoppers or fire ants on Delbert Hosemann when he’s dove hunting in the next week or so.

But Plunkett is right about one thing. McDaniel has been at least mechanically involved with election review as Chairman of the Senate Elections Committee. In fact, in 2012, McDaniel sponsored a bill that actually passed into law. It called for a task force “to study Mississippi’s election laws, to consider all matters relating to elections in Mississippi and to make recommendations to revise Mississippi’s election laws. The task force may conduct public hearings and receive information from any source deemed appropriate.” According to those in the Capitol with whom YP spoke with, essentially nothing happened with that election reform task force that was passed in 2012. But just to think . . . had McDaniel exercised leadership and recognized the issues forward that he’s now trying to sue to correct in arrears, he might be US Senator.

And we might not be held hostage.

That’s the way it was – Day 56 of the McDaniel Hostage Crisis.

Good day Mississippi – and good luck.

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