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Senator Wicker pushes back on...

Senator Wicker pushes back on EPA’s new power requirements

By: Magnolia Tribune - July 24, 2014

Your Power Bill Could Be Affected by Federal Government Ruling

WASHINGTON, D.C.–Every power plant in Mississippi that uses coal to generate power could be forced to shut down under new rules by the Environmental Protection Agency, said Sen. Roger Wicker in Washington in a Senate hearing Wednesday. If that did happen, that would, of course, translate into changes in your power bill that Wicker believes could make your electricity unaffordable.

Wicker said in his statements that Mississippi does not have the resources to meet the EPA’s new requirements that states increase by 250 percent the amount of renewable energy they use in generating power.

Here is an excerpt from his testimony:

Some of my friends on the other side continue to speak of carbon pollution, which suggests to some people that they are talking about particulate emissions. Of course we know that what is being talked about with this proposed rule is carbon dioxide emissions from existing power plants. These regulations regarding CO2 could negatively impact every single American.

“The President is determined to wage an all-out war on coal – launching costly regulations that would have little effect on changing the climate. Over the past 10 years, global coal consumption has soared by 65 percent. During the same time period, U.S. coal exports have skyrocketed by more than 200 percent. Coal is burned to provide 40 percent of the world’s electricity needs in a reliable and economical way.


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