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Judge Atlas: @TrueTheVote #mssen...

Judge Atlas: @TrueTheVote #mssen lawsuit not a case of voter fraud

By: Magnolia Tribune - July 24, 2014

Judge: True the Vote lawsuit not a case of voter fraud

U.S. District Judge Nancy Atlas of Texas said today during a hearing in Jackson that case technically is about what documents can be seen.

“This is not a case of voter fraud,” Atlas said. “It’s whether the National Voter Registration Act was complied with and whether it preempts state statute. This case is about transparency of the voter process with the counter issue of voter privacy.”

Assistant State Attorney General Harold Pizzetta asked Engelbrecht on cross examination if she would agree voters would feel like it is an invasion of privacy for their date of birth, name and address to be made public?

“No, I wouldn’t consider it private,” Engelbrecht said.

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