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Bishop Ronnie Crudup defends PAC...

Bishop Ronnie Crudup defends PAC funding statement

By: Magnolia Tribune - July 16, 2014

Bishop Ronnie Crudup defends PAC funding statement

Crudup said Wednesday the correct amount is the $142,000. He said the other $2,685 came in the same time as a contribution from Mississippi Conservatives, but it was from another source. Crudup said his PAC report will be amended.

When asked today today how he would respond to those who question whether his earlier statement about his funding source was misleading, he said: “I never said they (Republicans and Mississippi Conservatives) weren’t a major source of funding, but we raised some money from other sources as well.”

Crudup said he stands by his earlier statement that approximately $200,000 had been raised by his PAC.

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