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MS Dem chair @RickeyCole dodges...

MS Dem chair @RickeyCole dodges question on whether @childers4senate would support Harry Reid #MSSen

By: Magnolia Tribune - July 15, 2014

Mississippi Democrat Party chair Rickey Cole dodged a question on Twitter Monday night from a Chris McDaniel supporter considering supporting Travis Childers over Thad Cochran, and not surprisingly the McDaniel supporter seems to have bought Cole’s spin, diversion.

Here’s the exchange:

@TheMom2Three: @RickeyCole I’m a McDaniel supporter, but may consider Childers if election isn’t overturned. How would Childers vote on Harry Reid?

@RickeyCole: @TheMom2Three Senate doesn’t vote for Majority Leader like House votes for Speaker. Leaders are chosen by party caucuses.

@TheMom2Three: @RickeyCole So he wouldn’t have any say in vote for Reid? No disrespect, but hard to believe. Please explain. McConnell sure wants R head.

@RickeyCole: @TheMom2Three McConnell “the turtle” may not be in the Senate come January.

@TheMom2Three: @RickeyCole I hope u are right. Another RINO that needs to go. I’d vote for the Dem if I lived there. Tea Party fellow should have won Lol.

@RickeyCole: @TheMom2Three all 435 House members vote for Speaker. Only majority party Senators elect Majority Leader.

@TheMom2Three: @RickeyCole Thank u for clarifying that. We all hear all kinds of stuff.

@RickeyCole: @TheMom2Three you are very welcome. Only silver lining of #mssen so far is that many more are learning how the system is set up.

@TheMom2Three: @RickeyCole Absolutely & it’s time to get rid of corruption in MS politics. We demand integrity from our politicians. #RememberMississippi


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