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Jackson County circuit clerk says 24...

Jackson County circuit clerk says 24 crossover votes confirmed out of 20,000+ #MSSen

By: Magnolia Tribune - July 9, 2014

Jackson County had 24 crossover votes, circuit clerk says as Chris McDaniel camp moves in

Four representatives of Chris McDaniel’s campaign are in Jackson County this week to look over poll books, ballot boxes and other information they requested to examine.

They arrived Monday and are still hard at work today. They say they’re not sure how long they’ll be working, but they are allowed 12 days for their review.

“What they’ve done is gone through all absentees, affidavits and the voter books,” Circuit Clerk Joe Martin said Tuesday afternoon. “Yesterday, they checked four precincts. They’re checking four more in district two now by looking at the ballot boxes themselves.”

Checking the voting data for McDaniel are credentialed representatives Lynn Rouse, Bea Harrison, Bob Harrison and Ken Overstreet.

Brian Sanderson, chairman of the Jackson County Republican Executive Committee and circuit clerk representatives are also observing the examination.

Bea Harrison said each precinct will be checked.

“We are here to ensure justice is done to all the voters,” she said. “That is our goal.”

If no major voting issues are found, she said, “it still would have been worth the time.”


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