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Thad Cochran canvassing the state,...

Thad Cochran canvassing the state, “Standing up for Mississippi” #MSSen

By: Magnolia Tribune - March 31, 2014

Defending the Constitution and Standing up for Mississippi

Last week, at 20 stops over the course of 1,200 miles on the campaign bus, Thad emphasized his commitment to defending the Constitutional rights of Mississippians. He believes his number one job is looking out for the interests of the people of Mississippi, and he is running again to ensure our state has maximum ability to fight Barack Obama’s bureaucrats in Washington.

The Rankin County GOP’s annual banquet was held in honor of Senator Cochran Tuesday night. Thad told the packed room of about 1,000 conservative Republican activists: “My pledge is to continue to fight in the Senate for our shared conservative values of limited government, free markets, and personal responsibility.”

Governor Phil Bryant gave Thad a strong introduction and warned the crowd about out-of-state groups who are coming into Mississippi attacking and distorting Thad’s record.

A video of Governor Bryant’s remarks and a standing ovation for Senator Cochran can be seen here.

Wednesday, Thad spoke to Harrison County Republicans in Gulfport, where he emphasized his consistent opposition to Obamacare:

“We need to repeal Obamacare and we need to do it now,” Senator Cochran said. “That’s why I’ve voted more than 100 times to stop Obamacare, and we can be sure it will happen when we win a Republican majority in the Senate this November.”

When the people throw Harry Reid out of the Majority Leader’s office, Thad will be Appropriations Chairman, which puts him in the best position possible to fight the Obama Administration on Mississippi’s behalf.


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