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Mississippi House passes marijuana oil...

Mississippi House passes marijuana oil bill to help children with seizures

By: Magnolia Tribune - March 28, 2014

Mississippi House passes bill to legalize marijuana oil with tight restrictions

The Mississippi House of Representatives voted Thursday to make a medicinal marijuana oil legal in the state under tightly controlled circumstances.

The House voted 112-6 to pass the final version of House Bill 1231. The Senate still must approve the agreement before it goes to Gov. Phil Bryant for his consideration.

Thursday’s action was a significant development, though, because the House had previously rejected the proposal. The Senate already has agreed to a version of the language.

“I don’t want to get Mississippi 10-year-old children high. I want the seizures to stop.” — Rep. Mark Baker, R-Brandon

The oil is believed to help prevent seizures, and supporters say it doesn’t produce a high. A group of parents who have children with severe epilepsy are asking lawmakers to legalize the oil.


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