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WTOK – Mississippi Economic...

WTOK – Mississippi Economic Outlook

By: Magnolia Tribune - December 3, 2013

Mississippi Economic Outlook

According to Gov. Phil Bryant, Mississippi is making some major strides when it comes to economic development.

“We’re number five for entrepreneurs, which is for small businesswomen in the nation,” says Governor Phil Bryant. “We’re number nine for economic development opportunity in the nation. If you look at when we were in the bottom, we were 50th, and now we’re number nine in the nation for economic development success. We surpassed $100 billion GDP for the first time ever in 2012. Mississippi is doing much better than ever before, and I think that we’re just heading in the right direction.”

“The 150 new high skilled jobs that are coming to Raytheon in Forest are great so that people can provide for their families,” says Sen. Haskins Montgomery, who represents District 34 in the Mississippi Legislature.


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