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Salter – The politics of Medicaid...

Salter – The politics of Medicaid makes expansion difficult in Miss

By: Magnolia Tribune - July 3, 2013

The politics of Medicaid makes expansion difficult in Miss

I’m just as certain that Mississippi will eventually get around to expanding Medicaid as I was that the special session would not result in the expansion of Medicaid in this state this year.

Why? The benefits of expanding Medicaid coverage in states like Mississippi with such a large amount of taxpayer-subsidized uncompensated care will ultimately be too large to ignore.

If that’s true, then why did Mississippi and eight other Southern states led by Republican governors like Phil Bryant see their state governments refuse to expand Medicaid under the current dictates of the Affordable Care Act?

The tenor of the political debate over Medicaid expansion has been that it’s a choice between compassion for the poor who are uninsured and indifference to their plight. But far from Mississippi, there have been voices who define the debate in more honest terms.

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