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JJ – Old Capitol Green bond...

JJ – Old Capitol Green bond funding sought to be removed

By: Magnolia Tribune - March 30, 2013

Legislature tries to resurrect Old Capitol Green

House passed HB #1049, a bond bill. Check out this corporate welfare for some guys who have nothing but a bunch of pipe dreams and fancy talk:

(Line 2305): SECTION 5. Section 1, Chapter 348, Laws of 2009, is amended 2305 as follows:

2316 development located in Jackson, Mississippi, bordered on the north
2317 by Pearl Street, on the west by State Street, on the east by
2318 Jefferson Street and on the south by Court Street.
2319 (e) “State” means the State of Mississippi.
2320 (2) (a) (i) There is created in the State Treasury a
2321 special fund to be known as the “Old Capitol Green Loan Fund.”

Jackson Jambalaya

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