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Rep. Cecil Brown Questioning $5 Million...

Rep. Cecil Brown Questioning $5 Million In ‘extra Money’ To Run

By: Magnolia Tribune - February 28, 2013

Rep. Cecil Brown Questioning $5 Million In ‘extra Money’ To Run Legislature

What happened to fiscal conservatism and living within your means during these tough economic times?

That’s the question Rep. Cecil Brown, D-Jackson, is asking after the House passed a bill funding the Legislature at almost $5 million more than normal.

Brown questioned HB1641, which funds legislative operations at nearly $30 million, about the same amount as the last two years. The problem, however, is that legislative operations have been funded at approximately $25 million for years.

As Brown explains, there are two exceptions when the funds have risen higher:

1. Every four years the session is four-months, not three.
2. Every 10 years for redistricting.

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