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JJ – Floodwaters of scandal...

JJ – Floodwaters of scandal continue to rise in Vicksburg

By: Magnolia Tribune - February 27, 2013

Floodwaters of scandal continue to rise in Vicksburg

JJ is trying to bring its readers up to speed on the sexual harassment lawsuit against Vicksburg Mayor Paul Winfield, which is in addition to his arrest on federal bribery charges last week. Former Vicksburg Chief of Staff Kenya Burks filed the lawsuit after she was fired by the city. Ms. Burks alleged the mayor had an affair with her and numerous other women while Mayor of Vicksburg. Indeed, the documents filed in court paint a picture of a Mayor who saw himself as some type of Nubian Chief who had the right to sleep with all city employees if Ms. Burks is to be believed. She charges she was terminated after she ended the relationship.

Ms. Burks began her employment shortly after the Mayor took office in July 2009. She alleged the two had an affair while she was working for the city. Ms. Burks said when she tried to end the relationship, the Mayor made more advances towards her and offered her more money. The lawsuit is currently embroiled in a fight over discovery. The plaintiff has been trying for some time to obtain emails and phone records she alleges will show proof of numerous other affairs the Mayor had. The Mayor has been resisting providing such records to the plaintiff. Ms. Burks finally filed a motion to compel and a motion for sanctions against the Mayor.

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