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Mississippi awarded $3.5 million grant...

Mississippi awarded $3.5 million grant for Issac recovery

By: Magnolia Tribune - February 16, 2013

ER: MS12-1, August 29, 2012 Hurricane Isaac
DOT Agency Disbursing Funds:
Federal Highway Administration
Project Name/Number:
various project sites throughout the state
Award Recipient
Mississippi Department of Transportation
Place of Performance
various project sites throughout the state
State Congressional District
1, 2, 3, 4
Entitle Amount
$ 0.00
Discretionary Amount
$ 3,500,000.00
Total Grant Amount
$ 3,500,000.00

Title 23, U.S.C., Section 125, authorizes an Emergency Relief (ER) program within the U.S. Department of Transportation, Federal Highway Administration, for the repair or reconstruction of Federal-aid highways and roads on Federal lands that have suffered serious damage as a result of natural disasters or catastrophic failures from an external cause. These funds are awarded to a State after the President or the Governor issues a formal emergency declaration and the State files a request for ER for the cost of damages to its eligible highways. Eligible repair work includes emergency repairs needed to restore essential traffic, minimize the extent of damage, or protect the remaining facilities as well as permanent repairs necessary to restore the highway to its pre-disaster condition.
Beginning August 29, 2012, Hurricane Isaac impacted southern Mississippi. The winds, rain, and flooding resulted in moderate damage to Federal-aid highways. Damage consisted of debris deposited on highways, damaged traffic signals, and damaged sign trusses. In addition, there were several bridges that were damaged or destroyed by flooding and multiple landslides resulted from the heavy rains.

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