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Governor Phil Bryant and MSGOP Chairman...

Governor Phil Bryant and MSGOP Chairman Joe Nosef Respond to the President’s State of the Union

By: Magnolia Tribune - February 13, 2013

Governor Phil Bryant:

“The President’s address tonight focused on more big government instead of polices to tackle unemployment and create jobs, pay down the federal debt and invigorate our economy. Unfortunately, states are feeling the impacts of this administration’s lack of economic leadership and its demand for overbearing entitlement programs like ObamaCare. As governor, I will continue to work with our congressional, state and local leaders to create an environment conducive to job growth and business expansion so Mississippi can move forward despite the failings of the White House.”

MSGOP Chairman Joe Nosef:

“As I said after President Obama’s reelection victory, our county will only solve its problems if we work together to offer real solutions. Unfortunately, the president’s speech tonight was short on solutions and long on rhetoric. The president’s policies will only result in higher taxes, a bigger national debt and a larger federal government. To make matters worse, the President continues to pit Americans against each other. There is nothing noble about funding programs for one generation by stealing from another.”



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