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Phil Bryant aims to be ‘energy...

Phil Bryant aims to be ‘energy governor’

By: Magnolia Tribune - October 8, 2012

Phil Bryant aims to be ‘energy governor’

Gov. Phil Bryant pitches a powerful perk to CEOs when he travels: Electricity in some parts of the Magnolia State costs as little as 5 cents per kilowatt hour, compared to 24 cents and upward in places like, say, San Diego. And natural gas? Why, we practically have it coming out our ears.

Bryant wants to take that further. He wants to be the energy governor, and Mississippi to be the energy state. I sat down with him briefly last week a couple of days before he kicked off, in grand style, an energy summit with former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani as the keynote.

Energy-wise, Bryant says Mississippi has it all — natural gas, nuclear, coal, oil and renewable — and he wants to drill it, pump it, frack it, pipe it, refine it, grow it and build plants for it and lure all the “upstream” manufacturing and research along with it. And the jobs.

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