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Countdown to November 2012

Countdown to November 2012

By: Magnolia Tribune - July 30, 2012

America is now within 100 days of the November election. At stake is the future of our nation’s governmental ideology. Through our votes we will determine if the federal government expands or contracts, whether America moves further down the road towards socialism or puts the individual back in the driver’s seat.

For those who desire individual liberty, limited government, and the free market, there is only one choice for President and that is Republican nominee Mitt Romney.

The alternative, of course, is current Democratic President Barack Obama, who continues to pander to citizens’ innate sense of greed under a guise of fairness while promoting discrimination by way of taxation and creating a culture that demonizes individual success and responsibility.

Romney is, for better or worse, the last, best chance for us to retain the American Dream and revive American exceptionalism.

But simply winning the White House from Obama will not restore America’s traditionally limited governmental ideology.

Republicans must retain the U.S. House of Representatives and capture the U.S. Senate if our nation is to finally move away from the damaging policies America has had to endure under the left’s reign.

As we have seen, a conservative majority in the lower chamber does little good if the upper chamber refuses to share in the dialogue. Republicans must control both chambers to see jobs bills brought forward, health care reform repealed and replaced, and tax rates maintained or lowered for all Americans.

Congress looks increasingly safe for a continued Republican majority. Polls across the country point to a repeat of 2010.

A Republican majority in the Senate, however, is a must for all Constitutionally minded conservatives. At this point, this remains a toss up.

Here in Mississippi, we will continue to do our part. We will send back three Congressmen and a Senator to work with their Republican counterparts to reign in the liberal degradation of our uniquely American governmental ideology.

It is unfortunate that we cannot send a fourth Congressman to fight the good fight, but the voters in Mississippi’s 2nd Congressional District seem to relish their representative riding Obama’s coat tails and spewing leftist talking points.

Every election matters but this election – more than any other in recent memory – will set the course of America’s future.

Are you registered to vote? Are you encouraging others – family, friends, coworkers – to register and exercise their right and responsibility to vote?

Don’t get discouraged.

Don’t assume the results.

Be a part of setting America’s course.


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