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Justice Mike Randolph Announces...

Justice Mike Randolph Announces Campaign Committee

By: Magnolia Tribune - July 25, 2012

Justice Mike Randolph Announces Campaign Committee

Group includes a wide variety of more than 120 distinguished leaders supporting Justice Randolph’s campaign.

Today, Mississippi Supreme Court Justice Mike Randolph announced his Campaign Committee for the 2012 election. The Campaign Committee, Co-chaired by Ron Peresich and Robert St. John, includes more than 120 distinguished leaders who are working to support Justice Randolph’s campaign.

“I’m honored by the active support of this Campaign Committee,” said Justice Randolph. “By lending their personal endorsement and commitment, this Campaign Committee is helping make sure we run a strong campaign, and I greatly appreciate their dedication.”

The following is a listing of Justice Mike Randolph’s Campaign Committee:

Campaign Co-chairmen: Ron Peresich and Robert St. John; Treasurer: John S. Heath

Campaign Committee:
Harry Allen
Drew Allen
Jack Armstrong, III
Dr. George Azar
John Banahan
Joe Barnett
Robert “Bones” Barq
Paul Benton
Len Blackwell
William Duke Blakeslee
Gerald Blessey
Wesley Breland
Raymond Brown
Bobby Bryant
Tucker Buchanan
Robert Burroughs
JW Burt
Lampkin Butts
Robert A. Byrd
Phillip Carby
Wally Carter
Mike Cavanaugh
Terry L. Caves
Bobby L. Chain
Wynn Clark
Joe Cloyd
Mark Cumbest
Vernon Dahmer, Jr.
Bobby Dews
Ed “Chip” Donovan
Donald C. Dornan, Jr.
Tim Dudley
James K. Dukes
Wallace Easley
Dr. Eric W. Enger
Mark A. Fairchild
Brett Favre
Tina Gillich
Fran Ginn
Mack Grubbs
Judy Guice
Dr. William Gullung
Clyde H. Gunn, III
John Hairston
Don Halle
S. Robert Hammond
Eugene Harlow
James H. Heidelberg
Billy Hewes
Tim Holleman
Warren Hood
Al Hopkins
John Hunter
Gert Jackson
Hugh D. Keating
Henry Laird
Dr. Lucius Lampton
Dr. David Lee
Hensley Lee
John W. Lee, Jr.
Scott Levanway
Jeanne Luckey
Emmette Luter
Don Mason
Harry “Chip” McArthur, III
David McCormick
Buddy McDonald
Dr. Lynn McMahan
Jessica McNeil
Joe McNulty
Joyce Zengarling Moran
Sherman Muths
Albert Necaise
Carl Nicholson
Bob Occhi
John Ott
Joe Sam Owen
John Parker
Wilford Payne
Joy Lambert Phillips
Charles Pickering
Lou Ann Poynter
Dr. Thomas Puckett
William K. “Bill” Ray
Victor Roberts
Forrest Roberts
Dr. Doug Rouse
Mickey Ryan
Brian W. Sanderson
Joe Frank Sanderson
Lenwood Sawyer, Jr.
Michael E. Smith
John “Shorty” Sneed
Dr. Moby Solangi
Jerry St. Pe’
Jerry Stogner
Ben H. Stone
Holmes Sturgeon
James Robert Sullivan
Millie Swan
Chevis Swetman
Joseph F. Tatum
Dr. Clay Thames
Wayne Tisdale
Clay Wagner
Dr. Thad F. Waites
James “Sparky” Walker
TL Wallace
Lawrence Warren
Nick Welch
Brad White
Robert W. Wilkinson
Roy Williams
Dr. Jay Willis
William Yates
Lew Yoder
Dr. Bennett York
Pat Zachary

Justice Randolph Campaign Release

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